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A coloring book for an island we love

Everything you love about the Island, in a coloring book.


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The Wildlife Loop. The Creamery. The Pony Swim.


We've created a coloring book to celebrate these and dozens more of the things that make Chincoteague and Assateague awesome.


flip through the book

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how a book was born

We're Joanna and Vic, a wife-and-husband creative team who grew up a half-hour from Chincoteague. It's where we worked our high-school summers, where we spent our first date and our wedding night, and where we now bring our daughters every summer. 

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One summer, we were looking for the perfect souvenir for our girls to bring home from the Island.

We wanted something that would help them relive the good memories many times over. We love Chincoteague, and we love to color, so it just made sense to combine the two!

You can get a print copy, an ebook that you can print as many times as you want, or both.


14 fun things to do

with young kids on Chincoteague & Assateague

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The workmanship and detail is incredible. The authorโ€™s love of the island and its unique summer culture really shines through. I canโ€™t decide whether to give it to the kids to color, or to save it for me as a stress neutralizer.
Barnaby on Amazon
This is a beautiful coloring book... I love flipping through the pages with my kids. Almost too nice to color in! My kids love it and so do I :)
Sarah on Goodreads